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A public Service guide to locating your Condo & HOA Board information, Condo and HOA Documents and more.  

Brought to you by your Broward County Board of County Commissioners

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Who's on my Board of Directors?

Enter your Condo or HOA name in 

Finding out who serves on the Board of Directors of your Florida Condominium Association or Homeowner's Association is just a click away. Go to and search for your Condo or HOA name.  Simply click the link below, enter the name of your Association in the search screen and once located, click on your association.  Then scroll down to see who's on your Board.

Where can I find my Condo or HOA Docs?

Lets start with a Public Records Search

             The search for your recorded Condo or  HOA documents begins with a visit to the Official Broward County recorder's office website. Recorded documents are available from January 1, 1978 to present.  For records prior to 1978, visit their search and copy services.  Instructions and a link to the Official Records search page is provided below.

            1st Find My Deed and Declaration

Step 1: Search your name to find your deed which will likely contain the book and page of your Condo Declaration or HOA Declaration within its legal description.

Step 2: Go back to Search and enter the book and page of your declaration in the search menu to pull up your Declaration document. 

            2nd Search for Amendments and Bylaws

             Your Association's Recorded Declaration, Amendments, Bylaws and other recorded community association documents may be found by searching the Name of your Association. 

Step 1: Go to the Search link below and enter the Name of your Association to start.  You can narrow your search by clicking on Doc Type in the Search menu. 

Step 2: You may have to repeat the process a number of times to find the documents you are looking for in your search.

Not a replacement for a Title Search: This type of search is not a replacement for a title search.  You may also ask your Association or its Management Company for the most up to date documents available for your Association. 

Files and Packages

Homeowners' Association Act
               F.S. 720

The Florida Homeowners' Association Act F.S. 720.101, et. seq., provides procedures for operating homeowners’ associations, and to protect the rights of association members.


The Florida Condominium Act
              F.S. 718

The Florida Condominium Act F.S. 718.101, et. seq., establishes procedures for the creation, sale, and operation of condominiums.

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